Cultural Intelligence

We believe that cultural diversity is an asset.

We know that individuals and organizations excel when they connect and learn across cultural divides. But, ill-equipped diverse teams don’t automatically perform well. Culturally diverse environments have to be intentionally created and nurtured in order for people to work together effectively.

Cultural Intelligence is far deeper than cultural sensitivity or diversity awareness.

It includes heightened motivation to learn about different cultural values and beliefs, and results in more effective strategies and behaviors for working in a variety of multicultural settings. Like Emotional Intelligence Assessments, (EQ), Cultural Intelligence Assessments measure a set of capabilities necessary for successful communication. In addition, CQ training is unique because it focuses specifically upon the skills and capabilities needed to succeed internationally and in multicultural domestic contexts. Cultural Intelligence is foundational for effective communication across cultural boundaries.



What is Cultural Intelligence? from Carrie Wagner on Vimeo.

What is Cultural Intelligence?

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is an individual’s capability to function effectively in situations characterized by cultural diversity. Cultural diversity includes differences in ethnic or racial classification, gender identity or expression, socioeconomic status, education, religion, spirituality, physical and intellectual abilities, personal appearance, and other factors that distinguish one group or individual from another.