Customized Training 

We work with organizations and businesses that value authenticity and cultural diversity.

We offer workshops for all audiences, and we specialize courses for healthcare providers, executive leaders, and educators. Any of the workshops can be customized in both content and timeframe for your group. It is recommended, but not required, that participants take the on-line CQ Assessment before training.

Workshops Offered

Lead with Cultural Intelligence

 This workshop is designed for leadership. We help executive, middle and first line management to incorporate the four domains of Cultural Intelligence – organizationally, departmentally, and personally.

In this workshop, leaders learn how to utilize Cultural Intelligence as a strategy and practice for greater efficiencies, effective teams,  and overall success. Good leaders make mental models of an organization that incorporate all moving parts. Great leaders are able to create a variety of these models, each framed in a different way. This workshop is more than the standard diversity training for leaders. We respectfully engage leaders, challenging them to look within themselves and around their environments, for the cultural filters, biases, and behaviors that inhibit creativity, productively, and ultimately, employee turnover.  The session is personal, interactive and strategic with the purpose of aligning leadership behaviors and actions with organizational goals. “Cultural Intelligence is a critical capability for effective leadership in our multicultural, global world.” David Livermore.

Culturally Responsive Customer Service

This workshop is designed to work hand in hand with customer service standards and training for every member of your organization. 

We believe that diversity training and emotional intelligence are important, but not enough!  Clearly, our customers are different, unique and have their individual preferences. In today’s global, multicultural, multigenerational society there are no patent right answers. The customer is not always right but they are the customer. We know that to compete in this multifaceted marketplace, companies must offer extraordinary service. We have to get to the heart of the situation to find out what really matters to our internal and external customers. This means we need to be culturally intelligent, and offer appropriate,  heartwarming hospitality.  We offer ten strategies and principles to serve customers, resulting in memorable interactions, repeat,  happy customers, and loyal staff.  Organizations and businesses struggling with customer satisfaction, and/or high employee turnover, will especially benefit from deeper understanding and commitment to practicing Cultural Intelligence.  Cultural Intelligence Works.


Find the Gap; Mind the Gap, with Cultural Intelligence

This workshop, designed for healthcare providers, builds capacity for delivering culturally and linguistically appropriate care in multicultural environments.

Using the CLAS Standards and the Cultural Intelligence Model as foundational premises, participants will assess their own cultural framework and biases, while exploring the myriad of cultural dynamics and health disparities specific to the demographics of their region. Participants will be given opportunities for safe and respectful discussions on how cultural differences impact interactions between patients and healthcare service providers. They will learn about cultural values and beliefs that affect health decisions, and develop strategies for working with groups that are often marginalized, based on race, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or other cultural factors.


CQ For You

In today’s world, everybody needs Cultural Intelligence . Diversity starts in our homes and follows us throughout our day as we interact with people of different genders, generations, socio-economic statuses, faiths, races and ethnicities.

We are challenged every day, whether we realize or not, with cultural gaps in values, beliefs and attitudes that ultimately can make or break our personal and professional relationships.This workshop introduces Cultural Intelligence as an effective way to interact with cultural appropriateness and responsiveness. You will learn how to provide exceptional internal and external customer service, based on a heightened commitment to growing your own Cultural Intelligence.


Teach with Cultural Intelligence 

This 4-hour workshop is designed for educators to help them design and deliver culturally appropriate and responsive content to their multicultural classrooms.

We live and work in multicultural settings, each of us operating out of our own cultural plurality. How can we create learning environments that embrace and value cultural diversity, while building collaborative organizational culture? In this session we will explore cultural frameworks and biases as a foundation for understanding the influence of culture on personal worldviews. Teachers will begin to assess their own cultural intelligence, and explore pathways to heighten motivation, knowledge, strategies, and skills for better cross-cultural communication.



Serve with Cultural Intelligence

This workshop, intended for service learning sojourners, (domestic and/or international outreach) provides a framework for understanding  cultural influences on service work.

Parishioners, healthcare workers, teachers, builders, entrepreneurs, families, youth groups and individuals, are all part of a rapidly growing short term missions movement. Likewise, more and more university students are engaging in alternative break and international internships. Unlike long-term development workers and missionaries who prepare deeply for cross-cultural work, short-term mission participants often make their life-changing jaunt with minimal cultural preparation. As a result, well intended sojourners support a colonial approach to helping others. Learn how to go, give, and learn – with authenticity, cultural responsiveness, and sustainability.